Idea showcase: College Application and Exploration Week ideas from around WV

Martinsburg High has created a great place to showcase seniors who submit postsecondary applications! Westside High School has outlined fun daily activities and asked teachers to include postsecondary exploration in their lesson plans! (Click the image to zoom in.) Hedgesville High has made good use of the College Application and Exploration Week toolkit by outlining activities and attaching pdf copies ... Read More

Ideas and tips for schools hosting College Application and Exploration Week

College Application and Exploration WeekTip Sheet - October 6To-Do ListDistribute the "Overview for Teachers, Staff, Volunteers and Community Members." Encourage partners to brainstorm ideas to include college-planning activities throughout the school and community.Recruit any additional volunteers from your school and community to help make this event special. Consider involving the PTA/O, 4-H groups, girl scouts or boy scouts troops, etc.Tips ... Read More

Weekly Tip Sheet – September 21

College Application and Exploration WeekTip Sheet - September 22To-Do ListReview the Site Coordinator Handbook and contact CFWV staff with any initial questions. You can also download materials at your core implementation team and meet with them to determine which activities you plan to undertake.Reserve computer lab time if needed for activities during College Application and Exploration WeekTips and Tricks ... Read More

The Atlantic: The Town That Decided to Send All Its Kids to College

BALDWIN, Mich.—College was never much of an option for most students in this tiny town of 1,200 located in the woods of the Manistee National Forest. Only 12 of the 32 kids who graduated high school in 2005 enrolled in college. Only two of those have gotten their bachelor’s degree. That was just a decade ago. Now, nearly everybody who ... Read More

7 things to know about College Application and Exploration Week

1. It’s a statewide awareness campaign. College Application and Exploration Week is one of CFWV’s three annual college-planning milestone events. (The statewide FAFSA Completion and College Decision Day campaigns make up the other two). Hundreds of elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and adult basic education classes across West Virginia participate each year. 2. It’s about culture. College Application and … Read More