Tip Sheet – October 1, 2018

College Application and Exploration Week

Weekly Tip Sheet – October 1

To-Do List

  • All schools: Review the Site Coordinator Guidebook and contact CFWV staff with any initial questions. You can also download materials on the Education and Outreach tab at CFWV.com.
  • All schools: Recruit your core implementation team and meet with them to determine which activities you plan to undertake.
  • Middle schools, high schools, and adult education centers: Reserve computer lab time to allow your students to research postsecondary programs, explore CFWV.com, and submit college applications during College Application and Exploration Week (if appropriate).

Tips and Tricks

Don’t overwhelm yourself. Many new site coordinators are excited about hosting their event – and that enthusiasm is needed! However, don’t plan so much in the week that it becomes overwhelming. For new site coordinators, we recommend keeping the first College Application and Exploration Week celebration simple and expanding on that celebration in every subsequent year. (And, of course, if you need help or have questions, let us know!)

Create a Buzz

Be sure to share out what you’re doing in your schools, from the early preparation stages to activities during the week, on social media! If your pages are public, remember to mention us so we can share what’s going on in your schools.

  • /collegefoundationofwv

  • @cfwv

  • /collegefoundationwv

Hashtags: #CollegeBoundWV #WhyIChose #IApplied

Know the Lingo

College (n.)

Any type of education or training beyond high school

CFWV Pro Tip

Run out of resources? Download more! You can download resources for your activities online at cfwvconnect.com/request-resources. You may particularly want to check out Admissions 101, Financial Aid 101, College 101, the College and Career Planning Curriculum, and the College is Possible campaign items.

College Trivia

What is the average cost of tuition for one year at West Virginia's public four-year colleges? Two-year colleges?

(Hover for the answer!)

Four-year colleges/universities: $7,513
Two-year colleges: $4,040

Quick Stat


The number of students who participated in some way during last year’s College Application & Exploration Week

College Spotlight

WV School of Osteopathic Medicine
Lewisburg, WV

Out of the 756 licensed osteopathic physicians practicing medicine in the state of West Virginia, 657 of them are WVSOM alumni (that’s 87%)!


Nitro Elementary School discussed the book What Shoes Will You Wear? by Julia Cook, which talks about the different shoes professionals in different occupational settings wear.