Tip Sheet – October 10, 2017

College Application and Exploration Week

Weekly Tip Sheet – October 10

To-Do List

  • Elementary Schools: Distribute the “Overview for Teachers, Staff, Volunteers and Community Members” handout included in your toolkit. Encourage them to brainstorm ideas to include college-planning activities throughout the school and community.
  • Recruit any additional volunteers from your school and community to help make this event special. Consider involving the PTA/O, 4-H groups, girl scouts or boy scouts troops, etc.
  • High Schools / ABE Centers: Distribute the “Checklist” and “Senior Questionnaire” handouts to students. Encourage students to locate their cfwv.com user name and password, or create an account if they do not have one. Set a deadline for students to return the questionnaire before the event.

Tips and Tricks

Don’t overwhelm yourself. Many new site coordinators are excited about hosting their event – and that enthusiasm is needed! However, don’t plan so much in the week so that it becomes overwhelming. For new site coordinators, we recommend keeping the first College Application and Exploration Week celebration simple and expanding on that celebration in every subsequent year. (And, of course, if you need help or have questions, let us know!)

Create a Buzz

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    More than half of all jobs in WV will require at least a 2-year degree by 2020. Our students at (insert school name) will explore careers and postsecondary options during this year’s College Application and Exploration Week celebration!

  • Tweet this

    By 2020, 50%+ of jobs in WV will require some college. That’s why (insert school) students are participating in College App Week this year!

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    Snap pictures of volunteers making preparations for the week. Post to Instagram (with their permission).

Note: If your accounts are public, be sure to mention @CFWV so we can share your posts!

Know the Lingo

Credit hour (n.)

a unit of value given to a course, which equates to an academic credit toward a degree. Credit hours are loosely based on the number of hours you are expected to spend in a particular class each week (not counting homework).

CFWV Pro Tip

CFWV.com has a number of profilers for students. Through these tools, students can discover what interests them, which careers match their basic skills, which skills they have will transfer from field to field, their work values, and more.

Have your students navigate to the following page: https://goo.gl/Wa4z59

College Trivia

How many two-year public colleges does West Virginia have? Four-year?

(Hover for the answer!)

West Virginia has 10 public two-year colleges and 12 public four-year colleges.

Quick Stat


The maximum dollar amount that students can receive from the Federal Pell Grant

College Spotlight

Concord University
Athens, WV

Concord University offers a relatively small student-to-faculty ratio of 15 students per faculty member.


Last year, Beverly Elementary School displayed the names and locations of West Virginia’s colleges/universities on their mural of West Virginia counties. Staff also noted how far each college is from their school.