Tip Sheet – October 16, 2017

College Application and Exploration Week

Weekly Tip Sheet – October 16

To-Do List

  • Make photocopies of any materials you plan to use during College Application and Exploration Week. If creating bulletin boards or door decorations is part of your plan, begin putting together these materials.

Tips and Tricks

Attend the College Application and Exploration Week Planning Webinar! Hear from the experts around the state who have hosted College Application and Exploration Week events in the past and find out what works and doesn’t work. The webinar is scheduled for Tuesday, October 24 at 3 PM. Coordinators will receive an email with details on how to access the webinar.

Create a Buzz

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    DYK? “College” is ANY form of education or training beyond high school. That includes two- and four-year institutions, trade schools, and the military. Our students at (insert school name) will explore their college options during College Application and Exploration Week!

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    “College” is ANY form of education/training beyond high school. Our students at (insert school name) will explore options during College App Week!

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    Snap a picture of your college degree/credentials and share why college was important for you.

Note: If your accounts are public, be sure to mention @CFWV so we can share your posts!

Know the Lingo

Financial aid (n.)

money provided to a student to help pay for college. A financial aid package is the combination of grants, scholarships, loans, and work-study stipends or funds a student receives to help offset the cost of attending college. The most important step in applying for financial aid is completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

CFWV Pro Tip

CFWV.com has a career exploration tool that allows students of all ages to explore the 16 career clusters. Each cluster brings up career information, including employment trends and opportunities.

Have your students navigate to the following page: http://bit.ly/1QJNWLh

College Trivia

What are the two most common college entrance exams?

(Hover for the answer!)

The two most common college entrance exams are the ACT and the SAT.

Quick Stat


The average cost of tuition and fees for one year at West Virginia’s public two-year colleges

College Spotlight

Marshall University
Huntington, WV

Marshall University has students from 49 states, 56 foreign countries, and all 55 West Virginia counties (based on 2015 data).


Last year, Ruffner Elementary School had staff pose with a pennant of the school they attended to make this bulletin board.