Tip Sheet – October 29, 2018

College Application and Exploration Week

Weekly Tip Sheet – October 29

To-Do List

  • High schools and adult education centers: Work with your school counseling staff to determine which senior students have not yet applied to college, so that you can target them during College Application and Exploration Week.
  • Elementary and middle schools: Send parent information packets home with students. Include the SMART529 brochures and a note about college colors day, if your school plans to participate in that activity.

Tips and Tricks

Create a college knowledge board! You can use a portion of the materials supplied in your College Application & Exploration Week toolkit to create a board showing how and why college is possible in West Virginia. Herbert Hoover High School created the below board. You might even consider having a portion of the board dedicated to having students write how and why college will be possible for them. More resources are available at cfwv.com.


Create a Buzz

Be sure to share out what you’re doing in your schools, from the early preparation stages to activities during the week, on social media! If your pages are public, remember to mention us so we can share what’s going on in your schools.

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Hashtags: #CollegeBoundWV #WhyIChose #IApplied

Know the Lingo

Deferment (n.)

An approved pause in repaying a federal student loan. Students may seek a deferment due to financial hardship, time spent continuing their education (example: graduate school), active military service, or other reasons as determined by the lender.

CFWV Pro Tip

Exploring careers with students can be an excellent way to demonstrate the necessity of earning a postsecondary credential after high school. Have students use the Explore Careers tool available at cfwv.com to explore careers from all 16 career clusters.

College Trivia

How many credit hours per semester do experts recommend students take in college

(Hover for the answer!)

15 credit hours. Research shows that students who take at least 15 credit hours per semester are far more likely to graduate than those who take fewer than 15. Remind students, "15 to Finish!"

Interested in a visit?

Would you like a CFWV staff member to come to your school during College Application & Exploration Week to check out your activities and take pictures/videos? Let us know! Let Rachel know via email. Please include your school’s name, a date/time that would work best for the visit, and what will be going on during the visit, and we’ll try to come by!

College Spotlight

Fairmont State University
Fairmont, WV

More than 120 acres of land make up the campus of Fairmont State University.


Bridgeview Elementary School students envisioned what careers they might like to pursue and drew visuals on #ReachHigher sheets.