Tip Sheet – October 9, 2018

College Application and Exploration Week

Weekly Tip Sheet – October 9

To-Do List

  • All schools: Distribute the “Overview for Teachers, Staff, Volunteers, and Community Members” page. Encourage them to brainstorm ideas to include college-planning activities throughout the school and community.
  • All schools: Recruit any additional volunteers from your school and community to help make this event special. Consider involving the PTA/O, 4-H groups, girl/boy scouts troops, faith-based leaders, etc. Adult basic education center coordinators might consider involving employers and WorkforceWV representatives.
  • High schools and adult education centers: Distribute the “Checklist” and “Senior Questionnaire” handouts to students. Encourage students to locate their cfwv.com user name and password, or create an account if they do not have one. Set a deadline for students to return the questionnaire before the event.

Tips and Tricks

Incorporate STEM activities into your celebration! Texas Instruments provides educators with free resources for educators in the middle schools and high schools. Check out their resources.

Create a Buzz

Be sure to share out what you’re doing in your schools, from the early preparation stages to activities during the week, on social media! If your pages are public, remember to mention us so we can share what’s going on in your schools.

  • /collegefoundationofwv

  • @cfwv

  • /collegefoundationwv

Hashtags: #CollegeBoundWV #WhyIChose #IApplied

Know the Lingo

FAFSA (n.)

An acronym that means “Free Application for Federal Student Aid.” All college-bound students should complete the FAFSA to be considered for federal, state, and local financial aid opportunities.

Higher Ed in WV

Want to see the current state of higher education in your county? In the state as a whole? We have an interactive online dashboard that breaks down what higher education looks like in each West Virginia county and in the state. Check out the dashboard here.

You can print the fact sheet by clicking on a county, scrolling down and hitting “Download” (in the grey bar that says “Tableau”), and selecting “PDF.”

College Trivia

What is the grand total of financial aid for students for one academic year if they receive the maximum awards for the PROMISE Scholarship, the West Virginia Higher Education Grant, and the Pell Grant?

(Hover for the answer!)

PROMISE Scholarship = $4,750
Higher Education Grant = $2,700
Pell Grant = $6,095

= $13,545!

Quick Stat


The number of students who submitted at least one postsecondary application during last year’s College Application & Exploration Week

College Spotlight

West Virginia Northern Community College
Wheeling, Weirton, and New Martinsville, WV

West Virginia Northern Community College was established in the early 1970s. The college offers more than 70 programs in the arts and sciences as well as continuing education opportunities.


Cedar Grove Middle School students used sticky notes to share where they planned to attend college and arranged them by college on this bulletin board.