Who is eligible for a PAAK code?

There is one PAAK code per school for every school in West Virginia. The building administrator or designated counselor has the PAAK code for their particular school, and counselors and other personnel can use the PAAK code to create professional center accounts. However, schools aren't the only groups that have PAAK codes. Any organization or education-affiliated group, such as HSTA, 4-H, GEAR UP or TRiO, can apply for a PAAK code. Students can then choose to create connections with groups and organizations in which they participate.

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How do I get a PAAK code?

If you are an educator or counselor, first ask your building supervisor, principal or vice principal for the school's PAAK code. If they are unable to locate the code, please call XAP's Pro Center Help Desk at 1-800-GO-TO-XAP, and ask for assistance in acquiring your PAAK code.

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Where can I receive more training on CFWV?

If you would like to receive more training on there are many options from which to choose. If self-exploration is what you prefer, then you will find several quick reference guides at under the "Training and Resources" tab.

If you would prefer to have face-to-face training, there may be a training session scheduled near you. Check out our Calendar for CFWV Workshops and Training Opportunities. If there are no trainings scheduled around your area, please email us at so that we may further assist you.

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Is there an accompanied curriculum?

Yes. The Roads To Success curriculum has been aligned with the site. Educators may use this curriculum to help their students explore postsecondary schools and careers.

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Who can view a student's account?

Anyone that a student links up with may view their account. For instance, a parent can view a student's account if linked. If the student has linked to their school or an affiliated organization, anyone within the school or organization that has a Pro Center account may view their account.

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Are there printable resources?

Currently, printable resources can be found at under the "Training and Resources" tab. Located here are several quick reference guides.

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Does CFWV provide a transcript exchange?

CFWV does not currently offer transcript exchange services.

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Which colleges can you apply to through the site?

Many of West Virginia's colleges and universities offer an online application through Click here to view the full list.

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What do I do if a student forgets his or her password?

A student's password can be reset one of several ways:

  1. Anyone with a PAAK code at your school can reset students' passwords (as long as the student is linked to your school). To reset a student's password within the Professional Center, search for the student and click on his or her name. From there, you'll see a link on the right hand side of the screen that allows you to reset that student's password.
  2. During regular business hours, the student can contact our technical support hotline at 1-800-GO-TO-XAP.
  3. Students can click on the "forgot my password" link on the sign-in page. From there, they will be directed to enter other information, and the password will be provided. Please note: students must be able to answer other questions about their account to retrieve their password in this manner.
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Can parent's access their student's account?

Parents can access their student's accounts if a student has approved the connection. Students or parents can initiate the connection process. Parents can initiate a connection by creating a parent account, then going to their portfolio page and clicking "ccess to your student's portfolio." The student will then be sent a message, asking them to allow or deny their parent access to view their portfolio.

Students can initiate a connection by going to their portfolio page, and then clicking "invite a parent or guardian to have read-only access to your portfolio."

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How do students pay college application fees if they apply through

Students must follow the instructions listed on the application page for schools that charge an application fee. In most instances, students will be directed to send a check or money order directly to the institution. Some schools may offer an online payment option, but in a school-setting, it may be best to avoid having students complete payment information online.

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Can students apply for financial aid through the site?

Yes, students can apply for the PROMISE Scholarship. Students can also download paper applications for some scholarships.

It may also be helpful to have students begin the FAFSA process through, because students can directly transfer their basic information (such as their name, address, etc.) from their account to FAFSA on the web. To utilize the FAFSA transfer service, click on "financial planning" and then on "Your Plan." Students must be logged in to their account to utilize this service.

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