Changes to SAT score requirements for PROMISE

Changes to the SAT test format and scoring have resulted in necessary changes to the SAT score requirement for PROMISE Scholarship eligibility for the New SAT test beginning with the March 2016 test date. The final test date to qualify for a 2016-17 PROMISE Scholarship award is June 4, 2016 for the SAT and June 11, 2016 for the ACT.

New SAT Score requirement (For SAT test on or after March 2016)

2016-17 PROMISE Award Year

Overall score 1100.
Math 510.
Critical Reading 27.

The SAT writing portion is not included in the calculation of the composite score.

Scores must be from a single testing date and cannot be combined from multiple test administrations.

2017-2018 PROMISE Award Year – New SAT Score requirement will be posted in fall 2016.

Old SAT Score requirement (For SAT test on or before January 2016):

1020 combined score with minimum of 480 in Mathematics and 490 in Critical Reading.

If you have a student achieve a qualifying ACT or SAT score on the March, April, May, or June testing dates, please notify our office so we can make sure their scores are matched with their application. ACT and SAT Official scores are automatically received by our office approximately 6-8 weeks after the test date, if the test is taken in West Virginia. However, SAT and ACT are no longer providing SSN information with the score report. We must do a manual matching process in our system to add ACT and SAT scores for students. If demographic information doesn’t exactly match in our system, the scores will not automatically match up. Applicants cannot be awarded until the official scores are received and matched. We are in process of updating our systems to evaluate the new SAT scores so there may be a delay in WVSAMS and FAMS showing a student eligible based upon the new SAT scores while our systems are reprogrammed to accommodate the new SAT scores.

Soon, the WV Department of Education will also be providing our office with the final grades for students. Students must maintain a 3.0 overall and core gpa through their final grades to remain eligible for PROMISE. Should you have a student who didn’t qualify with their 7th semester grades, but does qualify with final grades, please submit a grade report form and transcript for them to our office.

If you should have any questions, please contact our office at (304) 558-4618 or


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