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Participating schools

The following schools have active HEROs groups:

  • Berkeley Springs High School – Advisor: Rachel Hopkins
  • Elkins High School – Advisor: Kayla White
  • Hedgesville High School – Advisor: Kevin Frankhouser
  • John Marshall High School – Advisor: Jonna Kuskey
  • Mingo Central High School – Advisor: Debbie Butcher
  • Oak Glen High School – Advisors: Elissa Greathouse and Sherrie Garner
  • Paw Paw High School – Advisor: Amber Guthrie
  • Riverside High School – Advisor: Bill Denham
  • Scott High School – Advisors: Amy Cabell and Louise Smith
  • Tug Valley High School – Advisor: Lorraine Davis
  • Spring Valley, Tolsia, and Wayne County High Schools – Advisors: Angie Holley, Kathleen Lyons, and Tira Runyon
GEAR UP schools

GEAR UP high schools participating in the 2014-2021 grant program will launch HEROs groups during the 2016-17 school year. These schools will receive training through the GEAR UP program.

Start a HEROs group

To start a new HEROs group, your school must send a team of students to the annual CFWV Youth Summit. The Youth Summit is held each year in conjunction with the statewide Student Success Summit. The 2017 Youth Summit will be held July 26-27 in Morgantown.

Registration for Youth Summit teams is now open. Register here by March 3.

To learn more or ask questions, contact us.