Lesson 5: Planning - Learning About Yourself

Interests and Goals


Lesson Summary:

Appropriate for: Grades 8-12

    Goals and Objectives:
  1. Students will continue to familiarize themselves with the CFWV.com.
  2. Students will determine goals and interests using CFWV.com.

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  1. Students will log on to CFWV.com.
  2. Students will click on the Career Planning Tab located at the top of the home screen.
  3. Students will click on the subheading "Learning About Yourself."
  4. Students will see seven different surveys. Students need to first complete the interest profiler. Directions are included within the survey. All the information and results will be stored automatically within their Portfolios.
  5. Each outcome will help narrow down suggested careers for students based on their likes, dislikes, skills, and interests.

Reflective Questions for Journals or Discussion:
  • Think of people that love their jobs.
  • Why do they love them?
  • Do you think that your interests will change over time?
  • How accurate do you find the survey to be?
  • Did they help you?
  • Why or why not?