About the ProCenter

The Professional Center is the companion website to CFWV.com that allows educators and counselors to manage, group, and monitor student accounts. The site also provides resources for educators to create or use pre-made lesson plans. The professional center allows the professional to link to the school or organization and monitor only the students who are part of that school or organization. It is through the Professional Center that educators can run reports to see how their students are using CFWV, visit the resource page to construct new college access lesson plans, and follow their students as they create five-year plans. Counselors can obtain access to the Professional Center by contacting their school's CFWV administrator or by calling (304) 558-0655. Organizations, such as TRiO or GEAR UP, also can create professional center accounts to which students can choose to link. For more information, call (304) 558-0655.