Lesson 15: Get A Job - Mock Interviews


Lesson Summary:

Appropriate for: Grades 11-12

    Goals and Objectives:
    Students will practice and be prepared for future interviews.

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  1. Begin with a large group discussion. Ask the class what they might know about interviewing? What are the do's and the don't's of the interview process?
  2. Create two lists on the board. Examples of the do's might include: Do dress up. Do remember that you are there to highlight you. Do shake hands with someone when you are meeting them. Examples of don'ts might include: Don't show up to an interview in jeans and casual wear. Don't use too much perfume or cologne. Don't use slang or cuss words when talking. Don't answer questions with a simple yes or no; explain yourself.
  3. Guide students through this activity. They may not have much interview experience at this point.
  4. Once the large group discussion is finished, pair students up into groups of two. Have students look at the Student Activity Sheet. Several questions have already been listed for them. However, have students brainstorm other possible questions that an employer might ask them. In addition, what questions might they ask their potential employer?
  5. Once they have completed their question brainstorm students will need to take turns playing the role of the employer and the interested student. Students will then need to complete the self reflection sheet that follows.
  6. Once everyone is finished with the activities, bring the group together as a whole. Base a discussion around their reflections. What did they learn? What can each student improve on? What did each student do well?

    Students may use the practice interview questions found on cfwv.com under the "Get a Job" tab.
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