Lesson 18: College In The Classroom


Lesson Summary:

Appropriate for: Grades 8-12

    Goals and Objectives:
    Students will be exposed to more post secondary information.

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  1. Find a place in your classroom or meeting space that you can dedicate to bringing college into the
  2. At the beginning of the school year, have your students begin writing to college recruiters asking for
    information about the schools that they represent.
  3. Students can ask for brochures, recruiting information, financial aid information, applications, catalogues, etc. Be prepared, you will become inundated with informative brochures, posters, pennants, stickers, pencils, pens, etc. This is exactly what you want.
  4. Once the information and items begin to be mailed to you, create a fun and accessible place in your classroom to create your display. As information about upcoming contests, scholarship opportunities, campus visitation days, and college recruiter visitation days come to you, post it for the students to see. Now your students will have the ability to have daily access to college catalogs, applications, financial aid assistance, FAQ and the answers, and many, many more pieces of information!
  5. Once you have posted all of this information, take a picture of your students standing in front of it. Have your students create thank you notes thanking the schools and the recruiters for the information and items. Be sure to include the pictures!
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