Lesson 7: Planning - Learning About Yourself

The Work Values Survey


Lesson Summary:

Appropriate for: Grades 8-12

    Goals and Objectives:
  1. Students will determine their work values.
  2. Students will think globally
  3. Students will differentiate between interest and values.

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  1. Display the following words somewhere in the room: Abilities, Advancement, Direct Others, Co-Workers, Make Decisions, Work Alone, Help People, Job Security, and Variety.
  2. Each of these words describes a specific work value. Discuss what each one means and how they play a role in what we value within a work place. Each word directs a preferred stance.
  3. Students will log into CFWV.com.
  4. Students will locate the Work Value survey located under the About Me section under the Career
    Planning tab.
  5. Students will complete the Work Values survey.

Reflective Questions for Journal: Download this Lesson