Financial aid is a crucial part of helping students go to college. Sadly, low-income students attend college at only half the rate of their higher-income peers — even when they are equally qualified. Let’s work together to change that statistic by making sure more of our students apply for and secure financial aid to help pay for college! This year, our goal is to hit 60 percent by April 15! Use this dashboard to check in on how your school is doing. Please note that calculations are based upon 2nd month certified enrollment provided by the WV Department of Education.

The US Department of Education is now releasing submitted FAFSA data. CFWV Connect's FAFSA Tracker is currently displaying this submitted data to help educators track their school's FAFSA progress. Completed FAFSA data will be added once provided by the Department of Education. It's important to note that tracking for Champion status will be based on completed FAFSAs, not submitted ones.

Percentage of Senior Class Completing a FAFSA

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About this measure:

The above chart includes all public WV high schools and those WV private high schools that have provided us with second-month-enrollment data.

FAFSA completion data is provided by the U.S.Department of Education, Office of Federal Student Aid. You can view the source data at this link:

West Virginia enrollment data is provided by the West Virginia Department of Education. Enrollment figures presented below are based on second month enrollment counts.

This measure is intended to be a gauge by which to measure FAFSA awareness at each school as compared to previous years. Numbers provided in this chart may not be an exact representation of student enrollment and/or FAFSAs submitted.

Note: If fewer than five FAFSAs have been submitted for a school, data will not be reported by the U.S. Department of Education.

As of April 14, 2017, the U.S. Department of Education began to include most 19-year olds in the completion data. These data were previously excluded.

Also, please note: When students fill out the FAFSA during their junior year to determine Pell grant eligibility for dual enrollment, they are not counted in the FAFSA numbers when they apply as a senior. The US Department of Education does not count anyone who filed a FAFSA in the previous cycle in the data they report. For this reason, we acknowledge that some of our Central WV high schools’ FAFSA completion rates are being under reported.