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College Application and Exploration Week is a chance for the entire school community to discuss college options and promote college-going. Schools that are the most successful start small, then add components every year. Often, practices initiated for College Application and Exploration Week become infused within the school culture year-round.

Hundreds of elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, adult education classes, community centers, home school groups, and many other educational community groups across West Virginia participate each year.

Additional lessons, resources, and information are provided online. Typically, the school counselor serves as the event coordinator and registers the school or community group.

Requirements for Participation:

College Application and Exploration Week sites must meet at least FOUR basic requirements:

  1. Though this is NOT a participation requirement, we do suggest completing the online CFWV College-Going Culture Assessment Survey. This assessment tool can help you evaluate your school community's level of maturity when it comes to developing a strong college-going culture. There are no official "grades" or "scores." Additionally, this information will help WVHEPC follow regional and county data trends.
  2. Provide computer lab time to allow 12th grade (or adult) students to explore college options and submit college applications. Seventh through 11th-grade students can explore career and college options using the state's free college-planning website, Students younger than 7th grade can complete other college and career awareness activities. If schools/classes are meeting virtually, students can complete these tasks virtually from their school-issued devices.
  3. Host one or more school-wide activities to increase awareness of the importance of planning for education and training beyond high school. If schools/classes are meeting virtually, instructors will be provided with alternate activities or make accommodations to existing activities found within the toolkit that can be completed at home.
  4. Complete the required site coordinator survey (after the event), which allows CFWV to evaluate the event's impact. (Please note that site coordinators overseeing SENIORS in high school, please keep track of the applications that are submitted during your College Fairs. These applications can be added to your yearly total.) This will also serve as completing one of the milestones for high schools working toward achieving Champion status.

Additionally, sites are encouraged to host a variety of fun activities aimed at building excitement about the college exploration process and informing students of postsecondary options. Site leaders will be provided with an event planning and idea kit. Online resources, activities, and information will also be available on

Why Sign Up?

Participating sites will receive resources to help fuel a culture of college-readiness in their schools and communities. Sites will receive:

  • An event planning and idea kit, containing step-by-step instructions for hosting a successful College Application and Exploration Week event.
  • College-planning materials to help students understand and complete the college exploration and application processes.
  • Due to safety and health concerns, college-themed swag from higher educational institutions may not be made available this year.
  • Promotional items to spread awareness about your event and the importance of early college-planning will be VERY limited due to safety and health concerns.
  • A statewide recognition (maybe including media coverage!) and bragging rights.
  • The satisfaction of helping under-served students take a proactive approach to planning and preparing for their future.

Institutional Video Library

CFWV has partnered with West Virginia’s higher education institutions to provide application and admission, student life perspectives, and campus tour videos. These videos will give students, families, and educators a snapshot of the college planning process. Click on each link to view each college or university’s student life, campus tour, admissions, application video and each institution’s application page.


College For West Virginia (CFWV) and its many partners are proud to coordinate West Virginia’s College Application and Exploration Week initiative as part of the larger national effort coordinated by ACT’s Center for Equity in Learning's American College Application Campaign. West Virginia's College Application and Exploration Week is supported by the work of the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission, the West Virginia Community and Technical College System, the West Virginia Department of Education, West Virginia GEAR UP, West Virginia's TRIO programs, and many others.

"College Application and Exploration Week is one of College for West Virginia’s (CFWV’s) three statewide college-planning milestone events that, along with College Decision Day WV and statewide FAFSA completion events, help guide 12th grade students and their families in planning, applying, paying and enrolling in college. High schools that participate in all three activities and complete the required post-event surveys will be recognized in Fall 2024 as a CFWV Champion of College Access and Success.

CFWV's College-Going Culture Assessment Survey

This assessment tool can help you evaluate your school community's level of maturity when it comes to developing a strong college-going culture. There are no official "grades" or "scores."

If you find that you are scoring your school community lower in some areas, this may be a good area on which to focus. To ensure a strong foundation, start at the lowest level of the Change Maker's Pyramid (as seen above) you feel is applicable for your school.

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