College Application and Exploration Week is one of College for West Virginia’s (CFWV’s) three statewide college-planning milestone events that, along with College Decision Day WV and statewide FAFSA completion events, help guide 12th grade students and their families in planning, applying, paying and enrolling in college. High schools that participate in all three activities and complete the required post-event surveys will be recognized in Fall 2022 as a CFWV Champion of College Access and Success.

College Application and Exploration Week is a chance for the entire school community to discuss college options and to promote college-going. Hundreds of elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and adult basic education classes across West Virginia participate each year.

To be recognized as an official participant, schools and community organizations must register. Schools that register before October 4 will receive a free toolkit. Additional lessons, resources, and information will be provided via email and online. Please note: if you are responsible for multiple groups of students, please register each group individually. For example, if your school is a K-8 school, please register for both elementary and middle school.


West Virginia’s 12th annual College Application and Exploration Week will be held November 1-5, 2021.

Guidebooks will be available for download in Fall 2021.

Number of Participating Schools

as of September 29, 2021

elementary schools
middle schools
high schools
adult education centers
Community and Home School Groups